Delivery Policy

All our Home Shipments/Deliveries include basic maneuvering, that is, they will be carried out only on the ground floor and a maximum of 5 meters from the delivery unit. If your material is available, the shipment will be made within a period of 1-5 business days.

Local Delivery (15km or Less)

It will cost $400/trip up to 4,000kg unless you make a minimum purchase of $3,000 and then your local delivery (<15km) will be FREE!

Distant/Foreign Delivery (15km -125km)

All deliveries to destinations above 15km will have a cost WITHOUT exception for a minimum purchase of $400 plus $19/Km above 15Km.

In addition, if the Delivery is outside the Border Strip (21km), we are obliged to charge 16% VAT on your Invoice.

Examples leaving NOGALES

Colonia Mesa 15km away, $400 charge applies.
Magdalena, 90Km away, A charge of $1,825 applies.

*Freight charges are for a single trip of up to 4,000Kg.
Deliveries/Additional trips apply Additional charge.

* Deliveries will be ONLY to Urban areas.
Deliveries to RANCHS are NOT allowed.

*Freight Charges Far Delivery include payment to the
Destination municipalities for the Entry/Unloading Permit.

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